I. Invitation

To apply for a tourist visa it is required that you present as invitation a tourist voucher issued by a hotel in or a tourist agency/operator registered with the Federal Tourism Agency. Such a voucher must contain: 1) applicant's passport information 2) confirmation number 3) reference number from the Federal Register of tour operators 4) name and address of the inviting organization 5) Stamp and signature

Please note that the information in your tourist voucher must fully correspond to the information in the applicant’s passport. Invitations containing errors will not be accepted.


II. Choosing purpose of travel in the online application

The purpose of travel is indicated on your tourist voucher.

If you travel for the general purpose of tourism please choose “COMMON TOURISM”. Please note that according to the law visiting friends or family in Russia is a private purpose and in this case you must apply for a private visa.

If you travel to take part in a conference, exhibition, auction, or short-term medical examination/consultation please choose “AIM TOURISM” (single- or double-entry only).

If you travel for the purpose of hunting please choose “TOURISM-HUNTING” (single- or double-entry only).


III. Validity period

Single or double-entry tourist visas are issued for up to 30 days. The dates are indicated in your voucher.


IV. Information for U.S. citizens

We recommend that US citizens apply for 3-year multiple-entry tourist visas regardless of the dates, number of entries and period of stay indicated in the tourist voucher.

When filling out the application online, please indicate a full three year period of stay (e.g. 15.05.2019-14.05.2022)  starting from the date of entry in your tourist voucher. 3-year multiple tourist visas are issued with “COMMON TOURISM” purpose of travel only.