This page only outlines invitation details, please make sure to review the “HOW TO APPLY” page first for a full list of requirements.

I. Invitation

To apply for a humanitarian visa it is required that you present an invitation issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs or its offices, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or a direct invitation letter from the host organization (only if specified by an international agreement of the Russian Federation).

Invitations issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs come in print or electronic forms. Print invitations must be presented in original. Electronic invitations may be presented as copies. The Ministry issues such invitations at the request of the host organization/person.

Direct invitation letters from the host organization must include: full name of the host organization, its official address and contact information, full name and position of the person who signed the statement, the organization’s taxpayer identification number (TIN), and information about the applicant: full name, date of birth, citizenship, sex, passport number, multiplicity of the requested visa, purpose of travel, requested period of entry, location of stay of the applicant in Russia, and cities to be visited.

Please note that the information in all kinds of invitation must fully correspond to the information in the applicant’s passport. Invitations containing errors will not be accepted.


II. Validity period

Single and double-entry humanitarian visas are issued for up to 90 days. Multiple entry visas are issued for the period of up to 1 year unless extended validity is authorized by an international agreement of the Russian Federation. Multiple humanitarian visas generally allow you to stay in the country for up to 90 days out of every 180-day period.


III. Information for U.S. citizens

We recommend that US citizens apply for 3-year multiple-entry humanitarian visas regardless of the type of invitation, dates, number of entries and period of stay indicated in the invitation. Such visas allow you to stay in Russia for up to 6 months per visit, the number of visits is unlimited.

When filling out the application online, please indicate a full three year period of stay (e.g. 15.05.2019-14.05.2022) starting from the date of entry in your invitation.